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SDiX to Launch the World’s First Commodities Exchange in Physically Settled Diamonds

01 July 2015

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange Pte Ltd (“SDiX”, or the “Exchange”) announced the upcoming launch of the world’s first commodities exchange in physically settled diamonds in Singapore, targeted to go ‘live’ in September 2015. The SDiX platform, the first of its kind globally, will utilise proven exchange technology to create a new marketplace for the global […]

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theAsianParent.com – Leading from the Front

21 January 2015

With machine learning and data science to bank on, this platform for mums is surging forward   While daddies bring home the bacon, it’s mums who are the key decision makers at home.  According to the Asian Digital Mums Report 2015, a survey conducted by theAsianparent.com from among its 6 million-strong monthly active users, the […]

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Investment in to PatSnap – the New Way to Patent Insights

07 August 2014

The sight before me was… magical.  I saw how this Patent Analyst’s eyes lit up when I shared the Patsnap platform with him.  Within minutes he took over my iPad and started conducting multiple searches to better grasp his competitors’ possible IP (Intellectual Property) strategy.  This was the very tool that he needed, as prior […]

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