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P2P lending can plug Southeast Asia’s US$175B business finance gap

05 December 2018

While Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is relatively young in Southeast Asia, there is still ample room for growth, Ajit Raikar of Validus, writes. P2P has emerged as a popular alternative financing option for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia. In 2016, P2P lending generated US$115.01 million, which accounted for more than half of total market […]

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Kissht raises Series C to consumer finance the future of India

12 September 2018

We’re please to announce our recent investment in Kissht. We led a US$30 million Series C round into the Mumbai based company alongside Russia’s Sistema Asia Fund. The company is redefining how Indians purchased consumer goods with a proprietary self-learning algorithm, which assesses their credit profile using over 2,000 digital footprints.

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Building innovation: be different, better, bigger, smaller, and faster

06 June 2016

by Kee Lock Chua, Group President & CEO of Vertex Venture Holdings In startup speak, it’s too often you’ll run into the idea that startups are conquering the world (most recognizable with the adage: “Software is eating the world”) and maybe, if you’re a corporation, you’re desperate to figure out how to compete with startups. After […]

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How the energy industry is being disrupted from every direction

30 March 2016

Just ten years ago, the Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s film, took the world by storm. The former US vice president went around the world giving speeches about the precarious position energy was in and where everything might be headed if we, as humanity, don’t get our act together. Today, this reality still stands, but energy […]

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Why we started Tech Circle

22 February 2016

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from founders, media, and investors about the Technopreneur Circle. “Why did you start it? What’s the point? For dealflow? Aren’t there enough coworking spaces in town already? Doesn’t Singapore have enough community builders?” and on and on. In this article, I’ll get to all these questions, but […]

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Scaling beyond Singapore with Paktor Founder – Joseph Phua

15 December 2015

The Technopreneur Circle member space managed to comfortably accommodate more than 40 guests for a relaxed evening with Joseph on 14 December 2015. Guests arrived as early as 4:30pm, and the place was buzzing with conversations when it was time to begin at 5:00pm. As Founder & CEO of S.E.A’s hottest dating app with more […]

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Launch of Technopreneur Circle

13 December 2015

T’was the evening of the launch of the Technopreneur Circle, a Corporate Social Responsibility effort that Vertex has undertaken.  This evening marks the beginning of a new platform within Vertex Ventures SE Asia where we want to provide an environment that encourages and creates conversations and collaborations among technopreneurs and other players in the startup ecosystem. […]

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Soon to launch – the First Diamond Trading Platform

20 September 2015

Even before the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (“SDiX”) officially launches its diamond trading platform, word has gotten out that SDiX is conducting trial runs on this platform!   When this platform is rolled out, traders will not only be able to enjoy price transparency, they will also reap the liquidity effect, known to them from trading […]

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Investment in to PatSnap – the New Way to Patent Insights

07 August 2014

The sight before me was… magical.  I saw how this Patent Analyst’s eyes lit up when I shared the Patsnap platform with him.  Within minutes he took over my iPad and started conducting multiple searches to better grasp his competitors’ possible IP (Intellectual Property) strategy.  This was the very tool that he needed, as prior […]

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