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The key traits of good VCs: Venture Voices

March 19, 2019

Sitting through meetings. Doing intensive research. Staying ahead of the curve. It takes a lot to be a successful venture capitalist, and only a rare few manage to identify startups that will make it to the big leagues—or even define the standards of new industries.

In the first instalment of KrAsia’s “Venture Voices“, the question: “What are the key traits of  a good venture capitalist?” was posed to three VCs in Southeast Asia.

Liu Genping, a partner at Vertex Ventures, named a few personal attributes that he thinks VCs need to have to be effective at what they do:

“Integrity is the most important trait. As VCs, we manage investors’ money. And a good VC is always curious about new business, new technology, and new ideas. Learning is not only a job, but second nature of a good VC. A good VC needs to enjoy learning and make sense of the world around them. VCs deal with large amounts of information which is often vague, fast-changing, and full of conflicting views. The capability to make sense of the information and develop an independent view is certainly very important. VC is the profession closest to being an entrepreneur, which is full of challenges and up and downs. Success takes a very long time, and thus a good VC needs to be persistent, needs to be able to grow with their portfolio companies and help its founders achieve their vision.”

Noting that there’s an important human element to this line of work, Liu also said: “VC is a people business. The capability of VCs to create and foster wide and deep relationships will go a long way.”