Elotl Raises $5 Million to Build Nodeless Kubernetes and Simplify Cloud Infrastructure for Developers

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Vertex US posted on 02 Nov 2021


We’re thrilled to share that Elotl, a pioneering startup that commoditizes cloud compute and infrastructure deployment, has raised $5 million in seed funding to continue building its product, engineering, and go-to-market teams.

Vertex Ventures US led the round with participation from Essence Venture Capital, HearstLab, Telescopic, XYZ, as well as angel investors Dan Scheinman and Edith Harbaugh, CEO of another Vertex US portfolio company, LaunchDarkly.

Elotl was founded on the idea that while teams can operate Kubernetes, the de facto open-source orchestration tool, scaling it securely and seamlessly across heterogeneous compute and multiple cloud providers hasn’t been cost-effective or easy to do. By leveraging the open source KIP project, nodeless kubernetes run with lower cost, improved security and reduced operational overhead.

“Companies today are hindered by three key roadblocks: operational complexity, wasted spend, and multi-tenant security concerns,” said Madhuri Yechuri, CEO and co-founder of Elotl. “Oftentimes, these roadblocks can take more than a year for organizations to address with entire DevOps teams tackling them from scratch. We’re building Elotl to address the inefficiencies to help these teams work on building tools for the core business.”

In order to address the core issues, Elotl’s Nodeless Kubernetes provides a rightsized bin for each pod, rather than bin packing. These functions give end-users the ability to seamlessly shift workloads across supported cloud providers without leaving a standing workload.

Madhuri, an impressive infrastructure engineer and a senior technical staff member who has led engineering teams at Oracle, VMware, and ClusterHQ, on various database server technologies, founded Elotl with the belief that there’s a better way to deploy cloud infrastructure. She, along with her team, present the industry’s first Nodeless Kubernetes Engine to run K8s applications in a cost-effective, secure and simple manner across public clouds.

With today’s funding, Jonathan Heiliger, General Partner at Vertex US, has joined Elotl’s board. He is working closely to help the team build for the future of Kubernetes and other cloud services.

“Today, a typical Kubernetes node is optimized when it contains consistent pods of similar size and workload demands and leaves very little room for customization, fine-tuning, and configuration,” said Jonathan. “Teams are hiring dozens of DevOps engineers to build for each instance which isn’t scalable. The open source adoption of KIP and Elotl’s reputation for solving hairy scaling challenges excited us.”

Elotl has already seen exciting traction with customers like Robinhood, Symphony, Flare.build, and Project Ronin. In the past year, the team has more than quadrupled its deployments and increased customer velocity for a multitude of workloads.

As the company accelerates its mission of commoditizing cloud compute for enterprises in a cloud-agnostic, cost-effective, secure, and simple manner, it’s looking to hire leaders in sales, go-to-market, sales, engineering roles, and more. Visit elotl.co/careers.html.


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