Behind the Scenes of our Investment in LaunchDarkly

DevOps was not created solely on the idea that developers and operations should play nice together. DevOps is the cultural transformation organizations go through on the road to modern application delivery. The end goal is the ability to release high-quality software more frequently. The new DevOps teams enhance collaborations between development, operations, and quality assurance teams to facilitate continuous integration, testing, and delivery of software.

At Velocity 2009, Flickr engineers John Allspaw and Paul Hammond presented a talk about how they deployed 10+ times per day. There was nearly a revolt at Yahoo! (Flickr’s parent at the time, today Flickr is part of SmugMug) over the idea that small, frequent changes could be deployed without impacting site reliability and customer experience. Today Etsy deploys to its production servers 50 times a day with fewer disruptions than when the company used a waterfall approach. A familiar name, John Allspaw, drove this behavioral and technical shift at the company.

Or do they?

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