Looking down from the clouds, I see the edge

Industry analysts have been predicting the end of cloud computing as we know it today for a few years. A sort of “rip and replace,” just as PCs doomed minicomputers and SaaS made desktop applications obsolete. What’s wrong with the cloud? What are the new workloads? Where will they go?

The next frontier is the edge. I don’t think we will see the water rush out of the cloud, and instead forecast a new computing layer between the cloud and end-user (and client device).

While edge computing is definitely seeping into our collective consciousness, and the types of advances that AI at the edge can make a reality are nothing short of remarkable, there are still several obstacles holding back a crashing “edge AI wave.” Thinking machines that move — automobiles, trucks, drones, planes, and robots, for example — clearly benefit significantly from responsive, low-cost and localized computing.

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