Vertex Ventures turns 2 and grows to 4

Today, Vertex Ventures U.S. turns two and we have some news to share. But first some context.

When Insik and I started Vertex Ventures U.S. in 2015, we knew establishing a new firm in the hotly contested early-stage technology market was an audacious goal. Advisors tried to dissuade us, friends told us to sit on the sidelines. Yet we found that investors believed in our vision and the dozens of founders whom we had worked with and helped over the years told us that if we started a firm, we’d be their first choice partner. Those voices spoke loudest to us: we designed a firm that would bet big on a few companies rather than bet small on a lot of companies. As of our second birthday, we have teamed up with the daring people building ten companies spanning everything from next-generation behavioral analytics to AI-powered threat detection to real-world retail insights.

But that’s just the start. Today, we’re announcing that Sandeep Bhadra and Eva Khoo are joining Vertex Ventures as Partner and Principal, respectively, in Palo Alto. Adding to a partnership is like welcoming a family member you can’t wait to see every morning; someone you can absolutely trust and respect and build a life with. In good times – and especially in bad times – these are the people you want by your side, and by the sides of every company founder and CEO. And Sandeep and Eva will be strong comrades-in-arms with the founders we serve.


An Intro to Sandeep Bhadra

At 21, as a freshly minted electrical engineer, Sandeep helped set up and operate India’s first WiFi hotspot and felt first-hand how transformative technology is for businesses and lives, how challenging infrastructure was to operate at scale and how demanding business buyers could be. Most recently, Sandeep was a Principal at Menlo Ventures where he focused on enterprise investments, including Platform9, Signifyd, Unravel Data and Clarifai. Prior to that, he was with Cisco’s Corporate Development team working on cloud infrastructure and big-data investments (MapR, Platfora, Moogsoft) and acquisitions (Metacloud, tail-f). Sandeep started his career as an engineer at Texas Instruments’ R&D Center working on bringing new technologies to market. Sandeep holds both a B.Tech from IIT Madras and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA from INSEAD.


An Intro to Eva Khoo

At seven, Eva asked Santa Claus for a cash register and “real magic.” She may not have gotten the magic, but she put the cash register to work – leasing time to her siblings for a chance to play Space Quest IV on the family PC. She was destined from an early age to straddle finance and technology, joining Vertex from the founding team at Luxe Valet where she led business operations. Earlier in her career, Eva was at Goldman Sachs where she worked with tech companies, such as FireEye, Jive Software, and Metacloud advising on IPOs and acquisitions. Eva holds a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Solving Ambiguous and Imperfect Problems

Insik and I can’t wait to get to work with Sandeep and Eva, because we have lots to do in the years ahead to advance our standing. The expanded Vertex Ventures U.S. team is part of a global network of funds with teams in South Asia, China, and Israel that combine local expertise with a global perspective. Collectively, we thrive on solving ambiguous and imperfect problems, leveraging the range of experiences and breadth of a team for the benefit of founders. And where we identify gaps in the market, we seize the opportunity to turn an idea into a business. Our strong relationships with Global 2000 companies have resulted in meaningful revenue and partnerships throughout our portfolio.

So as we look beyond our second birthday, we continue on our mission to be the first call for  founders who enjoy tackling fundamental technology challenges. People who identify with a problem that can never truly be solved and want to grow a multi-billion dollar business in the pursuit of making the seemingly improbable, possible.