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Our 20+ years working across the operational, technological, and investment trenches has given us unprecedented experience — along with loads of battle scars to prove it – at foundational companies in the technology universe.

This is experience that influences how code is written. How famous teams are assembled. And how great problems are solved.

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Jonathan Heiliger

General Partner
I started rebelling against my parents when I was nine years old by staying up all night to game, hack, and program a new computer. A few years later, I taught myself 3D computer graphics and IP networking while working for EPRI and Stanford University, the local hub for the Internet’s precursor, the NSFNET. At 19, I helped start GlobalCenter, one of the first web hosting providers, with initial customers such as CNN, Netscape, Playboy, and Yahoo!

More recently, I was a General Partner with North Bridge Venture Partners, from April 2012 to November 2014. During my tenure I started the seed practice and led investments in Lytro, Periscope.io, Quora, and Ravel Law, in addition to co-founding Coolan.

Prior to NBVP, I worked at Facebook, where I led global infrastructure, site architecture, and internal systems as VP Infrastructure & Technical Operations, from 2007 until 2011. During that time Facebook grew from 35 million to over 800 million users. Facebook witnessed unprecedented scale and velocity, one of our most impactful decisions was defying the status quo and sharing our lessons learned in infrastructure with the world through 100+ open source projects, consequently, forming the Open Compute Project.

Before that, I held executive engineering roles at Wal-Mart and Danger (acquired by Microsoft). I also spent several years as Chief Operating Officer for Loudcloud (which became Opsware and was later acquired by HP). Earlier in my career, I co-founded and was CTO of GlobalCenter, and later founded Global Crossing’s venture capital group. While scaling GlobalCenter, we saw an opportunity to build the world’s first native-optical IP network. When others were adopting ATM, we chose the path less traveled with a novel approach.

I currently serve on the board of directors of Webmonsters, in addition to Vertex portfolio companies PerimeterX, CloudAcademy, and Effective. I have individually invested in and actively help several companies, including Cloudera, Coravin, Diffbot, Dropbox, Square, and ThousandEyes.

Insik Rhee

General Partner
My love of technology started when I was 12 years old, when I bought my first computer and taught myself to code using computer magazines from the local library. I discovered the online world in 1986 with a 300 baud modem, and shipped my first commercial software product as a 19-year-old intern at Microsoft.

I currently serve on the boards of Hedvig, Testlio, and Interana.

Most recently, I served as a General Partner at Rembrandt Venture Partners. While there, I led investments in A Bit Lucky (acquired by Zynga), CloudOn (acquired by Dropbox), Concurrent, Found (acquired by Hightail), Netuitive, Ooyala (acquired by Telstra), and Quark Games (acquired by Machine Zone).

Prior to Rembrandt, I was a Venture Partner at Accel Partners, where I invested in and advised portfolio companies such as Aptana (acquired by Appcelerator), BitTorrent, Cloudera, Couchbase, Facebook, Mochi Media (acquired by Shanda), Raptr, and Terracotta (acquired by Software AG).

As a young entrepreneur, I co-founded two market-defining venture-backed companies. I was a co-founder and Chief Tactician at Opsware, formerly Loudcloud, which was acquired by HP for $1.6 billion in 2007. In this role, I helped create the cloud computing paradigm and guided the evolution of the data center automation product category. Prior to Opsware, I co-founded Kiva Software, a pioneer of the Application Server middleware market. Kiva was acquired by Netscape in 1997 for $180 million.

I hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and currently serve on their Executive Advisory Board for the College of Engineering.