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India’s Massive Omni-Channel Retail Opportunity

31 May 2017

by Ben Mathias, Managing Director, Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia India (LinkedIn, Twitter) India’s ecommerce market continues to grow at a dramatic pace. Its largest ecommerce site, Flipkart and the big American competitor, Amazon, continue to battle to dominate the world’s second largest contiguous market. And this is only the beginning. By some estimates, by 2020, […]

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Where we see the powerful new frontiers of IOT

12 February 2017

by Ben Mathias, Managing Director, Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia India (LinkedIn, Twitter) Flutura Decision Sciences, an Industrial IOT Intelligence company just announced that it has raised its Series A round led by Vertex Ventures. IOT is a space that we at Vertex have been researching for some time and we have had the opportunity to […]

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Building innovation: be different, better, bigger, smaller, and faster

06 June 2016

by Kee Lock Chua, Group President & CEO of Vertex Venture Holdings In startup speak, it’s too often you’ll run into the idea that startups are conquering the world (most recognizable with the adage: “Software is eating the world”) and maybe, if you’re a corporation, you’re desperate to figure out how to compete with startups. After […]

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Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange just soft launched

06 May 2016

One of our Southeast Asian portfolio is quietly launching this month, and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s not a traditional consumer tech play that you’ll see out in our startup world. It’s a public investment exchange for diamonds. With its start, it’ll be the first commodity exchange for physically settled diamonds and, we hope, […]

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Grab receives the Future Business Luminary Award

31 March 2016

At ChannelNewsAsia’s latest Luminary Awards, Grab was presented with the Future Business Luminary Award. The awards ceremony credited Grab with growing from a taxi booking app to becoming a comprehensive mobile transportation service. Congrats to Anthony and team! Anthony took the opportunity to remark on the lack of engineering and data scientists in the region […]

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How the energy industry is being disrupted from every direction

30 March 2016

Just ten years ago, the Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s film, took the world by storm. The former US vice president went around the world giving speeches about the precarious position energy was in and where everything might be headed if we, as humanity, don’t get our act together. Today, this reality still stands, but energy […]

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The case for Grab

08 March 2016

As the only series A investor in Grab (formerly GrabTaxi), we’d like to take a look at what makes this company so unique, and why we would bet on Grab again, if we had the chance. Of course, we’re biased, but we think there’s much to be said for the model that Anthony Tan and […]

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